Portable XRF Analyzers

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Niton XL3t used for in-service positive material identificationFor petroleum and petrochemical refining facilities, the emphasis on safety and accident prevention has never been greater - increased public scrutiny, stepped-up industrial safety regulations, and more stringent OSHA oversight and fines.  This means that positive material identification (PMI) in alloys used throughout the physical plant is no longer a choice, but a necessity.  Simply relying on spot testing of parts and subassemblies is too risky and totally unacceptable.  Today's best practices include 100% positive material testing of all critical materials.

The PMI Tool You Deserve - Thermo Scientific Portable XRF Analyzers 

Whether you're an inspector, manager, health and safety professional, or serve another important role, you are on the front lines of risk reduction and regulatory compliance.  Using a Thermo Scientific Niton x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer for your positive material identification testing needs can help you:

  • Rapidly verify alloys in seconds 
  • Recover lost material traceability
  • Isolate finished welds to validate filler material composition and dilution rates
  • Confirm the integrity of process piping, valves, and reaction vessels
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With more than a decade of experience in positive material identification instrumentation, also known as positive material identification equipment, our XRF instruments offer fast, accurate alloy identification and elemental analysis that ensures the integrity of your systems across the process plant:Niton XL3t with Camshot & Weldspot

  • Rods and wire strands
  • Finished welds and weld beads
  • Bolts, rivets, and other fasteners
  • Valves and flanges
  • Complete reaction vessels

What's more, our total PMI testing solution not only provides fast, simple reporting and certificate generation for tamperproof results, but also includes industry-leading training and technology with comprehensive, turnkey ATC-578 programs.

Find It in the Library

With a unique library of 400+ alloy grades, our portable XRF analyzers provide alloy chemistry for up to 30 of the most common elements in tens of thousands of alloy grades.  Families of alloys that can be accurately identified and analyzed include:


Niton XL3t screen displaying grade ID and chemistry for a P91 alloy

  • Stainless steels
  • Cr-Mo steels including vanadium and tungsten stabilized versions
  • Low alloy steel
  • Tool steels
  • Nickel, copper, titanium, and aluminum alloys
  • Exotics, such as zirconium and tantalum alloys

Fast, Reliable PMI Testing - Take Matters into Your Own Hands 

Your need for fast, reliable positive material identification is clear.  Just as clear are the benefits your business can realize from using Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Series and Niton® XL3t Series handheld XRF analyzers - both now available with groundbreaking Thermo Scientific GOLDD technology.

When the job calls for verification of incoming, in-stock, or in-service materials, the Niton XL2 Series , including the new Niton XL2 GOLDD™, is the easy choice.  Finally, there's no need to sacrifice performance to get a lightweight, rugged tool for alloy grade ID that is perfectly matched to most PMI applications.  Should the need arise for better positive material identification performance, isolation & analysis of welds and very small samples, or greater flexibility with your analytical needs, then choose the Niton XL3t Series for a wide array of standard and available options.  For the highest performance and sensitivity for the most demanding applications, the enhanced Niton XL3t GOLDD+ is the hands-down leader among all of our XRF analyzers. 

Niton XL2 Series:

  • Ruggedized for harsh production environments
  • Asset recovery and traceability
  • Rapid inspection anywhere data is required
  • Standard analysis of up to 25 elements
  • Standard integrated camera
  • Upgradeable to GOLDD technology

Niton XL3t Series:

GOLDD Technology:

  • Highest performance and sensitivity for the most demanding applications
  • Light element analysis for superior performance identifying Al, Ti, bronze, and specialty alloy separations including SS303/SS304 based on sulfur content
  • Trace elements for FAC modeling (Cr, Cu, Mo)
  • Component analysis for HF alkylation (API RP-571) & low Si sulfidation (API RP-939-C) systems

Thermo Scientific Portable XRF Analyzers - Common Features

Whether you choose the Niton XL2 Series or the Niton XL3t Series, the family resemblance is unmistakable.  All of these tools offer you key features:

Thermo Scientific Portable XRF Analyzers – For All Your PMI Needs

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