Portable XRF Analyzers

Grade Control

Niton XL2 analyzing a seam on a mine face undergroundOre-grade assessment helps manage blasting, excavation, and hauling activities, optimizing the site blend provided to the concentrator, while preventing grade dilution or the erroneous transport of ore to the waste dump.  

Effective grade control requires accurate elemental composition data in large numbers of samples. Thermo Scientific portable XRF analyzers, including the handheld Niton XL2 GOLDD and Niton XL3t GOLDD+ analyzers and the Niton FXL field x-ray lab, provide several distinct benefits to your mining grade control operations:  

  • Instantly flag grade, sub-grade, and waste
  • Rapidly delineate ore boundaries and cut-offs 
  • Prevent grade dilution
  • Prevent taking ore to the wast heap
  • Improve overall mine productivity  

Operator feeding crushed-sieved sample to hammer mill

What's more, our Thermo Scientific sample collection and preparation tool kits deliver a full lab-to-field solution, complementing the already superior high-performance of our XRF analyzers. These compact, portable, battery-powered tools provide everything required to deal with dry geological material for rapid elemental analysis in the field.

Engineered for the way you work, including advanced electronics and materials technology, Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analyzers are in a class by themselves.  Contact us today for a demonstration and discover how you can achieve your goal of rapid turnaround on ore-grade control samples and controlling grade dilution.