Portable XRF Analyzers

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A culture of innovation and a distinguished history of breakthrough achievements define our Thermo Scientific portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers…specifically designed for the rigorous demands of nondestructive elemental analysis in the field.

XRF Analyzer Comparison Chart

  • First handheld, lab-quality XRF analyzer for metal alloy analysis
  • First use of miniaturized x-ray tubes in one-piece handheld analyzers
  • First and only isotope-based handheld XRF analyzer that never requires source replacement
  • First handheld analyzer equipped with an He purge for direct analysis of Mg, Al, Si, P, and S in metal alloys  
  • First handheld XRF analyzer with camera and small spot to isolate & measure small components
  • First and only handheld XRF analyzer to feature a 50kV x-ray tube
  • First geometrically optimized large area drift detector
  • First field-mobile XRF (<30 lbs.) to offer lab features, such as X-Y positioning head, sample spinner, 1 mm spot size

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Count on Thermo Scientific Portable XRF Analyzers

Engineered from the inside out to make you more successful, Thermo Scientific portable XRF instruments deliver lab-quality results with unmatched speed, precision, and accuracy.  Our x-ray fluorsescence analyzers are the only handheld and field-mobile XRF analyzers to offer you a wide range of sources, models, and configurations.  You can count on us to listen to you and recommend the right analyzer for the right application. 

Thermo Scientific Portable XRF Analyzers

  • Niton XL2 Series Analyzers

  • Niton XLi

  • Niton XL3p Series Analyzers

  • Niton XL2 GOLDD

  • Niton XL3t GOLDD+

  • Niton XL3t Series Analyzers

  • Niton FXL Series

  • Niton XLp

  • Niton XLt

Simply Superior XRF

Fit. Form. Function. Thermo Scientific portable XRF analyzers provide you with real-time, on-site analysis and testing results – eliminating delays associated with traditional laboratory analysis.  These unique portable XRF instruments  provide performance and features comparable or superior to those of larger, more expensive benchtop XRF systems.

  • Superior detection limits
  • Shorter measurement times
  • Advanced applications
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower long-term cost of ownership