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Thermo Scientific NDT Software Suite

More than ever before, handheld Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Series and Niton XL3 Series x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers as well as the latest member of our product family, the Niton FXL field x-ray lab, provide you with better test data and the ability to take more measurements over a given time. Consequently, you have higher volumes of data to manage. Additionally, unknown sample types, global supply and manufacturing organizations, and inspection personnel with widely varying skills sets make it essential for today's analytical instruments to provide sophisticated yet easy-to-use sample analysis tools.   Contact us for a Free demonstration today


NDT - Making You More Successful

The Thermo Scientific Niton Data Transfer (NDT™) Software Suite more than fills this need and is included at no additional charge with every Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analyzer. It delivers a full set of instrument setup and data management tools designed to meet your varied and demanding requirements.

  • Remote viewing/control instrument setup  Thermo Scientific NDT Software Components diagram
  • Downloading and managing data 
  • Managing user passwords and permissions
  • Comparing and analyzing sample x-ray spectra
  • Designing and printing reports and certificates
  • Creating and editing metal alloy grade libraries
  • Developing empirical calibrations
  • Installing software upgrades  
  • Legally defensible, tamperproof data


Featuring Convenience and Flexibility

With features such as Thermo Scientific TestAll technology and the GPS-XRF file translation utility, your NDT software helps remove the guesswork while providing the convenience and flexibility you've come to expect from our instruments.

  • TestAll technology - For consumer goods testing throughout the supply chain, this unique feature allows non-technical users to automatically differentiate the presence of lead (Pb) on the surface or in the substrate of the tested object. 
  • TestAll Geo technology - In mining and exploration, TestAll Geo can automatically determine the correct analytical test mode for the rapid analysis of major, minor, and trace elements in geological samples.
  • GPS-XRF file translation utility - Once a survey is complete, those involved in mapping and geochemical analysis can download the NDT file, combined assay data, and GPS coordinates from their analyzer to a PC. The NDT GPS-XRF feature then enables users to export the files from NDT format into one of many other formats...MapInfo, ESRI shapefiles, Keyhole Markup Language, and more.

Sample NDT Software Spectra

Sample NDT Spectra

Anyone familiar with Microsoft Windows® will find NDT navigation intuitive and straightforward. With all of our analyzers, our goal is always to combine superior performance with ease of use.

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