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This letter is a reprint of a notice sent to all users of the Thermo Scientific Niton XLt

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January 1, 2010

Dear Customer:

We are sending this notification to all known owners of Thermo Scientific Niton XLt Series x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers, based on our active service records. As of December 31, 2009, Thermo Fisher Scientific will cease production of the Niton® XLt. This instrument has been our most successful XRF analyzer to date, with many thousands in use daily for mission-critical applications worldwide. We are proud of the amazing success of this award-winning product.

Production of the Niton XLt Series began in April 2002 and as is the case with most high-tech equipment, many components are nearing the end of their lifecycle. However, we are pleased to guarantee parts and service through January 1, 2015. We will continue providing replacement parts, accessories, or service on a best-effort basis beyond this date.

We are providing this advanced notice to help you plan for your future analytical requirements. Prior to these obsolescence dates, we hope that we can assist you in trading in your older Niton analyzer and upgrading to our newest XRF technologies, which deliver higher performance, better accuracy and precision, and improved ergonomics and ease of use. Service contracts will continue to be made available for Niton XLt owners through 2013.

We have a long-term commitment to product research and development and to understanding your business needs – our remarkable family of leading-edge handheld XRF analyzers reflects this dedication. For more information or to discuss trade-in opportunities, please contact your local Thermo Scientific Niton Analyzer representative, Contact Us, or call us at 1-800-875-1578 (U.S. only) or + 1 978-670-7460. We also invite you to visit our website at www.thermoscientific.com/niton.


We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your business. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and continuing to provide you with cost-effective, innovative solutions for your demanding applications.

Niton XLt XRF analyzer
Thermo Scientific Niton XLt
Serial numbers 5000 - 30,000


David Mercuro
Director of Product Management
Thermo Scientific Niton analyzers